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Not happy with your current kitchen design? Want to go for a partial or complete makeover to make your kitchen beautiful and highly functional. At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we can build inspiring kitchen designs for you within your budget.

We understand the significance of quality kitchen design for everyone under your roof. Whether you want a few tweaks here and there for your current design or want to pull down the entire space and create a new kitchen with all the modern features and conveniences, we’ll work with you to achieve the solution you long for.

With our in-depth know-how and design choices, we can help build the kitchen of your dreams for your existing kitchen or new construction from scratch.

Luxury Kitchen Design Sydney

Why Should You Choose Us for Designing & Building Your Kitchen in Sydney?

When you hire Sydney Wide Kitchens’ expert kitchen designers, you’ll reap the following benefits:

Expert Kitchen Designers in Sydney

Our qualified and hands-on experience kitchen designers love to do what they are good at – Kitchen designing and project management for a complete kitchen renovation or constructing a kitchen from scratch.

3D Kitchen Designs in Sydney

Before commencing any work, we’ll give you a 3D kitchen design, so you can look for yourself how your new or renovated kitchen will look once the work is completed. That means you’ll know in advance how your dream kitchen will look and get peace of mind concerning your decisions. Besides, we are aware and will make sure your newly built or renovated kitchen adheres to the standard dimensions for Australian kitchen design guaranteeing optimum ergonomics.

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Optimised Kitchen Layouts in Sydney

Island Kitchen: From a design perspective, an island kitchen is very flexible with furnishings that can be placed in a U-shape along the three walls. The centre island can be of minimal size consisting of a simple bench workspace; however, space underneath can be effortlessly optimised with baskets and drawers.

L-Shaped Kitchen:  An L-shaped kitchen provides a simple yet productive workspace and facilitates cabinets and appliances to be mounted along the right-angled walls with an open space in the centre.

Galley Kitchen:  A galley kitchen layout features two parallel bench work spaces that incorporate a walking area in the middle. It’s a long but narrow kitchen with base and wall cabinets, benchtops, or other services positioned on one or both sides of a central walkway.

One Wall kitchen

Straight Line Kitchen: A straight line or one wall kitchen layout is designed entirely on a single wall, which means sink, hob and all kitchen appliances are within arm’s reach most of the time. They are widely used in apartments and are also known as the single-line kitchen.

U-Shaped Kitchen: In a U-shaped kitchen, work spaces are positioned on the three sides and cabinets mounted underneath, and one of the parallel sides is longer than the other. Regardless of whether a U-shaped kitchen is built on small or big areas, they offer generous work space. This layout gets a single entry and exit point, which makes it safer.

Peninsula Kitchen: A peninsula is an attached island that alters an L-shaped layout into a U-shaped kitchen. In many of the kitchens having this layout – the peninsula functions as a room divider that separates the kitchen from a dining or drawing room area.

Custom Kitchen Design: At Sydney Wide Kitchens, our experts create highly functional, convenient and aesthetically pleasing custom kitchen designs. We’re passionate about designing and creating exceptional custom kitchens that you’ll love working in.

Looking for the best layout for your kitchen design? Call us on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 , or fill up the kitchen quote form to discuss your kitchen design ideas.

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Kitchen Design Sydney

Kitchen Designing: Complete Project Management

  • Consultation: Is it time to build the kitchen of your dream? Contact us or get a kitchen quote , one of our expert kitchen designers will come to your home to discuss your kitchen designing needs. We’ll take the time to understand your dream kitchen design and features you need and make a rough design sketch.
  • Design: If you find the rough design sketch interesting, we’ll then provide you with a detailed kitchen design layout that will help you to see how your kitchen design will fit the available space and how it will look. Once you approve the final kitchen design, we’ll provide you with the quotation. Once we get the final approval from you, we’ll provide you with an estimated date for delivery and schedule the project accordingly, and begin the implementation process of your new kitchen design.
  • Implementation: One of our experienced and skilled teams of designers, cabinet makers and joiners will carry out the work to your exact specifications, managing your project from start to finish.
Kitchen Cabinets Sydney

Expert Cabinetry Makers Builds Your Kitchen Cabinets in Sydney

Your approved kitchen design plan will be handed over to an expert cabinetmaker to build your kitchen cabinets. We have a list of choicest cabinetmakers and joiners with whom we regularly work, so superior craftsmanship is guaranteed. We also specialise in laundry renovation and custom cabinetry for bathroom, living room etc. Nonetheless, if you know someone whom you trust, we’ll be happy to work with them as well.

Impressive Kitchen Styles

  • Whether you need a small, large, custom, contemporary, modern, luxury, traditional, classic or outdoor kitchen design style, Sydney Wide Kitchens has creative and specialist kitchen designers, renovators and joiners who can deliver the kitchen of your dreams at an affordable price point along with exceptional customer service.
  • At Sydney Wide Kitchens , our expert kitchen designers and renovators will closely work with you to create the choicest kitchen style that will seamlessly harmonise with the rest of your home’s interiors.

Are you looking for a reputed kitchen design service? Call us at Sydney Wide Kitchens on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 , and get a quote for a free kitchen design quotation. Alternatively, feel free to visit our kitchen showroom ( view map ).

Start Your Kitchen Design or Makeover Today!

  • Sydney Wide Kitchens are amongst the prominent kitchen installers in Sydney who can offer highly functional and beautiful kitchen designs per your preferences and budget.
  • You can start your kitchen design or makeover today by contacting Sydney Wide Kitchens’ expert kitchen designers on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 or by filling out our kitchen quote form online. Besides, you can visit our state of the art factory located at Milperra, Sydney.

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Touch base with us at Sydney Wide Kitchens on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 , and one of our expert kitchen designers will work with you to create the best kitchen design to revive your exhausted kitchen!

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