Kitchen Renovations Western Sydney

Are you looking for kitchen renovations in Western Sydney? Sydney Wide Kitchens is an established kitchen design company in this part of the land with over 25 years of experience! We undertake kitchen renovations for small, medium and large kitchens and help our clients to cherish a more functional, convenient and stylish kitchen they always dreamt of!

A well-designed kitchen will be highly functional, spacious and handy, and nothing will come in your way when you’re performing your routine chores or preparing special meals. Besides, it is a joy to work in such a cleverly designed kitchen!

We Give Wings to Your Imagination & Make It Come Alive!

Sydney Wide Kitchens is a prominent name in western Sydney for offering elegant and practical kitchen design services at cost-effective prices. We are a fully insured and licensed company. And our experts can interpret the unique needs of the kitchen for every home. And our experts will also ask you about your expectations from the kitchen renovation.

Our professional kitchen experts will note down what you want out of the renovation; and accordingly work upon it to revive your old, tired kitchen into a highly functional kitchen that is convenient to work in and looks graceful. So we give wings to your imagination and make it real!

We Customise Our Services to Fulfil Your Requirements

At Sydney Wide Kitchens, our kitchen designs ensure creating space-saving interiors and kitchen fixtures and systems that are easy to clean. We work on the requirements and expectations of our clients and actualise their dream kitchen that’s beautiful and modern yet highly functional and convenient.

Call us at Sydney Wide Kitchens on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 to get a quote for a practical and elegant kitchen design and renovation service in Western Sydney!

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Trusted Laundry Renovations in Western Sydney

At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we specialise in laundry renovations in Western Sydney. If your laundry space is exhausted or inconvenient to use, then a laundry renovation is inevitable. When you hire us for your laundry renovations , we will handle everything from start to finish seamlessly. Our experts will sketch the design for laundry renovation considering your requirements. A laundry renovation will include:

  • Waterproof flooring,
  • Creating efficient storage,
  • Colour selection (mostly any light colour will be a good choice, as it Will make the small laundry space appear spacious),
  • And the use of high-quality materials for building custom laundry cabinetry.

We have the expertise, skill and creativity to provide solutions that will enhance the functionality of your laundry space and make it visually pleasing.

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Custom Cabinetry Western Sydney

Reliable Custom Cabinetry in Western Sydney

At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we specialise in building reliable custom cabinetry/ joinery using high-quality materials for every room in your home, from the living room and bedroom to kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Custom joinery we build include:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Laundry cabinets
  • Living room storage cabinets (include entertainment or television units)
  • Built-in wardrobes
  • Bathroom vanity units
  • Study room cabinets or bookshelves, and more.

Steps to Design, Remodel Your Kitchen, Laundry & Custom Cabinetry in Western Sydney

Are you wondering how to begin the process of kitchen/ laundry design and renovation or build custom cabinetry in Western Sydney? Well, it can be explained in three simple steps as below:

  • Call us at Sydney Wide Kitchens on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 or visit our showroom , so we can know the budget you have in mind.
  • Organise for a home visit, so our experts can get a better idea about the area where renovation needs to be undertaken, and accordingly, will provide you professional advice.
  • Our certified experts will sketch a custom kitchen and/or laundry design to suit your requirements and budget.

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Kitchen Cabinetry Western Sydney

Why Choose Sydney Wide Kitchens?

At Sydney Wide Kitchens, our skilled, professional team has over 25 years of industry experience in designing and renovating kitchens, laundry rooms, and building custom joinery in Western Sydney.

  • We design and manufacture all our kitchens locally at our state-of-the-art factory situated in Milperra, Sydney. You’ll get Australian owned and made kitchens, which means you’ll get a sturdy, reliable and durable kitchen that will serve you for years to come.
  • As a one-stop destination for anything and everything related to kitchens, we can build a new, modern and elegant kitchen and make it highly functional in a short time.
  • We use hardware only of Blum, which is known for its high quality and durability, and Australian-made board for the frames and storage.
  • Our cabinet construction adheres to the strictest Australian standard, so you’ll get superior kitchens and cabinetry that will outlast.
  • We offer diverse themes, styles and customisation options, so we are sure you’ll fall in love with the final product.

Are you looking for a reliable kitchen/ laundry design and renovation service in Western Sydney? Touch base with Sydney Wide Kitchens on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 , and one of our experts will guide you to get a quote for your kitchen or laundry design and renovation project.

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