Sydney Wide Kitchens are experts when it comes to building custom kitchens. We can specially design and build to meet your unique needs. Custom made kitchen is designed as per your needs and requirements, precisely the way you want it to be, which will be distinctive to you.

At Sydney Wide Kitchens, our expert kitchen designers will work with you and provide valuable inputs for creating custom kitchens that are highly functional, inspiring, and unique. The custom kitchen will become the centrepiece of your living space and add great value to your home.

An outdoor kitchen is enjoyable as you’re able to breathe some fresh air and see greenery all around. Well, we design and build beautiful custom outdoor kitchens too! Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a readymade kitchen then we also have them in standard sizes.

custom kitchen layouts Kitchen Layouts for Customisation

  • L-Shaped Kitchens are ideal for medium to large space and you can also include a dining table into the scheme.
  • U-Shaped Kitchens are best for bigger families or where multiple cooks will be working simultaneously in the same place.
  • Straight-Line Kitchens are better for compact spaces like small or open-plan apartments.
  • Island Kitchen Layout can be designed with integrated sinks and/or hotplates or as a hub to entertain family members or guests.
  • Galley Kitchens are the most practical layouts especially for compact homes in terms of functionality, design, and meal preparation.
  • Peninsula Kitchen layout is an efficient solution for smaller kitchens requiring more storage, workspace, or seating.

Kitchen Types in Sydney

As Sydney’s prominent kitchen designers for constructing all types of kitchens, we specialise in designing readymade and custom kitchens, ideal for new build or kitchen renovation .

custom made kitchens Sydney


Select Custom Kitchen Style in Sydney

With our vast experience, Sydney Wide Kitchens can help build the modern, country-style, or French provincial kitchen of your dreams.

Let’s quickly glance at the various kitchen styles:

Kitchen Styles

  • Black kitchens are a visual treat and maintaining them is effortless.
  • Hampton kitchens are classic yet casual radiating a comfortable and graceful feel.
  • French provincial kitchens are eternal favourites as they add tenderness and personality to space.
  • Shaker style kitchens are timeless and very popular. Even better, a shaker kitchen works in just about any kitchen design .
  • Country kitchens are gentle and inviting where family and friends love to linger.
  • Classic kitchens combine simplicity and function ensuring lasting appeal.
  • Modern or contemporary kitchens are designed for practicality and efficiency; they are stylish, sleek, and streamlined.
  • White kitchens make the room feel spacious as it seamlessly optimises your home’s natural light.
  • Handleless kitchens are characterised by handleless drawers and cabinets. Opening and closing have become easier with modern hinges and runners.
  • Outdoor kitchens can completely alter your home’s backyard into a relaxing and luxurious year-round living space.
  • Industrial-style kitchens are built using stainless steel and reclaimed wood surfaces; they use ventilation units and filament light bulbs and have exposed brick walls.

Create Your Own Kitchen Design Layout

Choose Kitchen Shape

The widely used kitchen layout shapes are L-shaped, U-shaped, C-shaped, J-shaped, and galley style. Depending on the available space in your kitchen, you can choose the most fitting kitchen shape for optimal functionality and aesthetics. Regardless of the kitchen shape or layout you choose, you need to be sure that you’ll be happy with your selected style for many years.


Colour Selection

Simplicity and light colours are the ultimate choices for any kitchen! Colours like light creams, pinks, greens, or whites have always been accepted and workable. Nonetheless, if you’re renovating in a modern style, you can certainly opt for solid complementary colour as punctuation, possibly on a splashback.

Kitchen benchtop shapes

Designing & Building Custom Cabinetry


  • Stock Cabinets: Stock cabinets come in various standard sizes; usually timber constructions with melamine shell over it. They are a readily available and affordable option.
  • Semi-Custom Cabinets: Semi-custom cabinets are constructed from a standard range but can be modified to suit the kitchen layout.
  • Custom Cabinets: Sydney Wide Kitchens can build custom cabinets to fit your kitchen; you can select from an array of materials for cabinet shell.


  • Low-Pressure Laminate is easy to clean and available in diverse patterns and colours. Some examples are Laminex and Wilson-Art.
  • High-Pressure Laminate comes in a wide variety of patterns, colours, and finishes including gloss, satin and metallic. Some examples are particleboard or MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).
  • Polyurethane Painted often comes with layers worked into the surface.
  • Solid Timber can be used as a structural or shell material, typically clear coated to get a natural finish.
  • Timber Veneers are effortless to clean and create a graceful look.
  • Vinyl Film is vacuum-sealed and is a newer option.


  • Shelving: Use open shelving for handy access for frequently used items; a walk-in island bench or a walk-in pantry preferably on lockable wheels for easy movement.
  • Cabinet Corner: A cabinet corner unfolds a distinctive problem for access that’s normally resolved by installing a bi-fold door. A revolving ‘lazy Susan’ in a corner cabinet can enhance access.
  • Drawers: Installing pull-out drawers with good quality, easy-glide runners inside cupboards is a great way to store things effortlessly.

custom Kitchen Benchtops Sydney

Kitchen Benchtop Selection

Laminate Benchtops

The laminate benchtop is for the budget conscious and they are available in a variety of colours, designs, and styles offering complete value for your money. They are easy to maintain, durable, very affordable, and give a feel of the stylish stone benchtop.

Stone Benchtops

Stone Benchtopcome in diverse material choices including marble, granite, and engineered stone. You can choose the stone benchtop depending on your preferences and budget. Stone benchtops are tough, long-lasting and easy to maintain, and provides a plush look. Besides, they render a natural feel and can become a statement piece in your kitchen.

Readymade benchtops are available in standards sizes; however, you can get custom benchtops made as per your unique requirements.



Kitchen Splashbacks Sydney

Kitchen Splashbacks Selection

Kitchen splashbacks come in a wide range of material selections including:

Glass Splashback:

Glass is easy to clean and available in diverse prints and colour shades. Mirror glass opens up space by bouncing light and reflections around the room.

Acrylic Splashback:

Acrylic looks like glass but is a more cost-effective option.

Tile Splashback:

Tiles are available in a huge range of designs, patterns, colour shades, and material choices. In the past, tiles were widely used material and they are now seeing a big comeback.

Stone Splashback:

Stone creates a permanent, graceful, and rich look in the kitchen. If you select a stone for your splashback, it is advisable to install both your benchtop and splashback at the same time, so both can be made from the same batch of stone and avoid any colour differences.

Stainless Steel Splashback:

Stainless Steel provides an industrial feel to a kitchen, it’s durable and hygienic.

Pressed Metal Splashback:

Pressed Metal is made out of an aluminium alloy that won’t corrode, and are appropriate to be installed behind cooktops.

Kitchen Appliances Sydney

Kitchen Appliances

At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we can optimise your kitchen space by arranging your kitchen appliances including your cooktop, microwave, refrigerator, or any other kitchen appliances. Everything will be in perfect order and you’ll get a neat and spacious kitchen.

Selecting Sinks & Taps

Depending on the type of benchtop installed and available space, the material of the sink and its configuration (i.e. one or two bowls) are selected. Sinks can be installed on the benchtop using three different methods:

  • Drop-In Sinks is placed into the created hole wherein self-rimming edges rest on top of the benchtop.
  • Under-Mounted Sinks are installed beneath the benchtop; they have a sleek, edgeless finish.
  • Integral Sinks are produced from the same benchtop material, providing a flawless look of a smooth shift from the sink to the surface.




Why Sydney Wide Kitchen for Your Custom Kitchen?

  • We have over 25 years of expertise in designing kitchens of every type.
  • You’ll get professional, qualified & certified designers.
  • We’re a family-owned & operated business, so you’ll get personal attention & service.
  • We have in-depth expertise in the kitchen industry that enables us to design and build the latest modern style, as well as, traditional style kitchens with precision.
  • We design and build beautiful kitchens within your budget & timelines.
  • We are a 100% Australian-owned Company, so you’ll get Aussie-made kitchens.

Visit Sydney Wide Kitchen Showroom

If you’ve any further queries or would like to see some display kitchens created by us then visit our showroom. We are conveniently located at 1/250 Milperra Road, Milperra NSW 2194 .

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At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we specialise in custom kitchen design and renovation and custom joinery - call us on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 today!

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