laundry renovations Sydney

Laundry Designs & Renovation in Sydney

Homeowners looking to renovate their homes mostly look for renovating their kitchens or bathrooms, as well as, their living room and bedrooms. Laundry areas go unnoticed as they are looked upon as mere utility spaces that don’t require being attractive.

At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we believe that even a simple laundry design and renovation can have a huge impact on the way this space will look, feel and function. We follow a custom approach to all our projects because the needs of smaller homes are different from pricier plush laundry designs or commercial laundry designs.

Laundry Renovations Sydney

We Provide Seamless Laundry Renovation from Start to Finish

Beginning with the initial design process, you need to consider various things including flooring, colours and the style you need, as well as, the equipment you plan to keep there, storage requirements and the available space. These are only the essentials and there could be many other considerations as well. This helps you to picture your laundry renovation and you can customise them to make things work for you or look better.

At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we’ll handle your laundry renovation from initial design to completion stage, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Our experts will draw a design sketch of the renovation, giving you an exact view of how your laundry room will look like. However, it is designed according to your needs, giving you complete creative control. Then, our expert and professional team of contractors will manage the work for you. Upon completion of work, you’ll get a brand new laundry space that will make you delighted.

We have significant experience, skill and creativity to offer solutions that will boost the practicality of your available laundry space, as well as, make it aesthetically appealing.

Laundry Design & Installation Sydney

Laundry Design & Installation - Features That Need Consideration

Many features require due consideration before planning and designing your laundry space; it can include:

Optimising the Available Space

Our experts will take exact measurements of space, taking note of appliances, where the existing plumbing and drainage installation are located. Based on this, modern laundry design is created, which will enhance the practicality and looks of the space.


We create intelligent storage solutions like installing inbuilt cabinets in nooks or corners, behind doors, as well as, recommend custom shelving solutions for modern laundry designs. Our design specialists will make sure you have enough space for storing all your laundry washing and cleaning products, extra linen etc.


Laundry space witnesses a substantial amount of wear and tear as moisture and water take their toll and make the installations and features look dull and old ahead of time. That’s why, at Sydney Wide Kitchens, we make it a point to use tough and durable materials only for installing your new laundry.

Toughness & Durability

Laundry cabinetry needs to be robust and tough, thus, we use only the finest materials including veneers, solid timber, laminates and hardwood to build your custom laundry installations.

Laundry Designs at Great Prices

At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we take into consideration all these different features and accordingly optimise your laundry design, giving you cost-effective prices for modern, aesthetically beautiful laundry.

The Final Look

Laundry is a utility space, but it can be made to appear lively and attractive so that it complements the rest of your home.

Custom Laundry Renovations Sydney

Custom Laundry Renovations in Sydney

Sydney Wide Kitchens can help you design a custom laundry for your home that’s distinctive to your style and requirements. Share with us your thoughts on the material you want to use for developing the laundry room, as well as, about the furniture and equipment you want to install there. Besides, we’ll advise you concerning what would look good and serve the purpose well in your laundry space.

The beauty of renovating or designing custom laundry space for your home is that you’ve full control over every aspect of it and can design-build the way you want it.

Small Laundry Renovations Sydney

Small Laundry Renovations in Sydney

Many people think there is no point in renovating a small laundry space, as it would make hardly any difference. Well, that’s not right, even doing simple renovation job such as giving a new coat of paint with light colours like pure white, off-white, pearl white or light grey, light pink etc. and changing the flooring to suit the new coat of paint, you can make a big difference to space as the light colours will open up space, giving an impression of more space.

If you feel your laundry space is very small to qualify for a renovation job, then you need to think again! At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we can help you to enhance your laundry space and give it a boost.

Laundry Renovation Cost in Sydney

How Much Does A Laundry Renovation Cost?

Laundry space renovation costs can vary between projects per the aspects. Here are the major aspects that need to be considered:

  • Size of the laundry room.
  • The work required to be performed.
  • Materials needed to complete the renovation job.
  • The furniture and equipment you want there.
  • The time required for completing the renovation job.

There could be other aspects as well apart from these major ones; however, as the complexity of the renovation job increases, so does the cost. At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we can manage everything ourselves, so you don’t have to hire private designers and contractors, which generally lead to higher fees and increase overall costs. Instead, you can just hire us for the entire project, which will not only help complete your laundry renovation on a budget but also give you peace of mind.

Laundry Renovations Sydney

Why Is Laundry Renovation Essential?

Laundry rooms don’t get much attention; they are less visited and cleaned places where often old boxes and junk is found lying. Thus, laundry renovation is vital to infuse freshness and it will provide you with the following advantages as well:

  • Better Storage Space: With innovative storage space, you’ll get more space to store things.
  • Stunning Modern Laundry: By renovating your old laundry, you’ll have a stunning modern laundry where you’ll enjoy spending time.
  • Better Functionality: When renovating laundry, you can play around with the design and use the space wisely to get a more functional laundry space where you can position your laundry equipment and furniture in a way that opens up space.
  • Enhanced Safety: Renovating your laundry makes it safer because it includes creating a cable management system to avert electrical wires from protruding, and fitting a more hard-wearing and slip-resistant flooring.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: We help you to choose washing machines and dryers having exceptional energy ratings that will help save you money on your monthly energy bills. We also install energy-efficient lighting in the room, which adds to your savings.
Laundry Designs in Sydney

Why Choose Us for Laundry Designs in Sydney

Agreed, we aren’t the only company offering laundry design and renovation services in Sydney, so what makes us stand out from the rest:

  • We have vast experience in designing and renovating laundry rooms.
  • We offer competitive prices for our services.
  • We use superior materials and have a skilled and professional workforce to deliver high-quality work.
  • You’ll have complete control over the design, which will help you to figure out a budget beforehand, and accordingly, choose the laundry design that’s best for your home.
  • We work closely with our clients throughout the entire process, so you’ll get constant updates about the progress of work.
  • We take care of everything from start to finish, giving you peace of mind.
Small Laundry Renovations Sydney

Contact Us for Laundry Room Designs & Renovations

Are you looking for a quote for designing and renovating your home’s laundry room in Sydney? Call us on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 today and we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements and offer you with an initial quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have queries concerning laundry renovation? Frequently asked questions for laundry renovation have been answered below; glance at them to get your queries answered. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us or call us at Sydney Wide Kitchens on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 , and our experts will answer your questions.

Is it possible to renovate my laundry on a budget?

Depending on the project, the cost of laundry room renovation will vary. Essential factors that determine costs are listed below:

  • The room size.
  • The materials needed for the job.
  • The work required to complete the renovation job.
  • The duration of the renovation.
  • The furniture you want to install.

Although other factors will come into the picture, these are the vital factors. As a rule of thumb, the more elaborate the renovation gets, the costlier it will get. Get a laundry quote to know the estimated cost of laundry design or renovation.

What will be the duration of my laundry renovation?

Every laundry renovation project is unique and has its own set of requirements that can impact project duration. The material, finishing, and laundry style you need can decide the length of your laundry renovation project. On average, it takes around 4 to 8 weeks for a complete laundry renovation involving a stone benchtop.

Is it possible to make my laundry room bigger?

If your laundry room is small or compact, you can still make it appear spacious and appealing. Refrain from painting the walls of a small room with a dark colour shade; instead, paint them with a lighter colour tone to make the space appear roomier. Besides, select a cool colour shade in the room to help make it look spacious.

What type of flooring should I use in my laundry room?

The laundry room will look good with any flooring surface. A tiled floor is effortless to mop and clean, and bleach would not damage it. Waterproof flooring is the ultimate choice, as it provides functionality and appropriate style and design selection and you would not feel hooked to a single look.

What colour will suit best for my laundry room?

Select white as the base colour and add watery blue with sandy beige or yellow sun accents, and you will create that sunlit vibe you desire! Apart from aqua, you can select light grey or mint green or clean beige.

Will I get a warranty for my laundry renovation?

Fixtures and fittings carry the manufacturer’s warranty which will differ per the product selected. The labour comes with a warranty too – feel free to call us at Sydney Wide Kitchens on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 and our experts will explain to you about the labour warranty included with your laundry renovation.

What width would be appropriate for my laundry room?

The minimum size for a laundry room should be 9 feet wide and 11 feet long. If your area is larger than this, it will be better. The door that leads into the room should be around 32 inches in width. The floor drain you should position in the centre of the room, in open sight, and the floor should tenderly slope to the drain. If something leaks, then you don’t have to worry!

Another vital aspect is effortless access to the mechanical features of the washer and dryer. Ball valves that control the cold and hot water should be visible and placed above and behind the washer. We recommend standard valves as they are easy to turn off each time you finish doing your laundry.

Should I include a floor drain in my laundry room?

If you have a high-usage or multi-function laundry room, then it is recommended to have a floor drain in place to facilitate appropriate drainage if spills or accidents do occur.

Do you provide services for multi-functional laundry rooms?

At Sydney Wide Kitchens, we provide services for traditional and multi-functional laundries. Modern laundries are multi-functional wherein washing, drying and ironing activities are performed, and it acts as a source of water for gardens. So multifunction laundry rooms require different designs to facilitate multiple activities. Our specialist team of professionals work particularly in multi-function laundries and can help you with your upcoming laundry renovation project.

Do you organise all trades needed to accomplish my laundry renovation?

Well, at Sydney Wide Kitchens, we will arrange, coordinate with all the tradespeople, including licensed plumbers, electricians, tilers, masons, plasterers etc., and get all the work completed for your new laundry or laundry renovation project.


Be it a big or small laundry room - we provide seamless laundry renovations in Sydney. Call us at Sydney Wide Kitchens on 皇冠APP手机苹果最新版本 today!

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